Conference Abstracts

CON-IH 17 will feature 12 papers by graduate students studying in seven countries. Their research on migration, immigration, and diaspora spans from the 13th century to the 21st and touches nearly every continent.

Click below to read the selected abstracts:

From Smugglers to Middlemen: The Early Modern Japanese Diaspora in Southeast Asia (Pierre-Emmanuel Bachelet, ENS-Lyon)

Idle and Dangerous: Vagrancy Policing in a Southern Port City, 1852-1868 (John Bardes, Tulane University)

A Dispersed Diaspora: Haitians in Chicago, 1935-2010 (Courtney Cain, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign)

Once Migrant Always Displaced? Exploring Diasporic Consciousness and Shifting Narratives of Belonging across Three Generations of Urdu Speakers in Bangladesh (Isha Dubey, University of Aarhus)

The Conveyor Belt to Nowhere: Memory and Resistance at a Western Saharan Phosphate Mine, 1973-1976 (Sarah Gilkerson, University of California, Davis)

Aichmalosia: Captivity, Ransom, and Letter-Writing in Byzantium and Its Neighbors, c. 1204-1453 (Alasdair Grant, University of Edinburgh)

A Community on the March: The Mormon Battalion and the Militancy of Migration (David Krueger, Harvard University)

From China to Nigeria: Migration of Chinese Industrialists and Nigerian Industrialization in the 1960s (Shaonan Liu, Michigan State University)

The Royal Navy, Legal Pluralism, and Authority in Early Colonial Sierra Leone, 1670-1815 (Tim Soriano, University of Illinois-Chicago)

Corruption, State Agents under Surveillance, and the Business of Human Smuggling in 1920s Mexican Borderlands (Abraham Trejo Terreros, El Colegio de Mexico)

Sojourners and Transnationalism: Emigrant Communities in Chaozhou, 1949-1958 (Hui Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Lives and Letters in a Time of Transition: The Legal Papers of Baghdadi-Jewish Migrants in Surabaya, Rangoon, and Singapore, 1948-1950 (Genie Yoo, Princeton University)